About the London Book Club

It started a few years ago as a couple of friends sharing book recommendations, and then a pondering on Twitter about whether a book club might not be a bit of retro fun. And we all know what they say about little acorns, and all that jazz. We meet once a month, in a pub, and eventually get round to discussing the book we’ve read, bookended (if you’ll pardon the pun) with plenty of wine. These are some of the things that we’ve learned in our time as a group!

We’re always happy to take on new members, so do drop us a line or join our facebook group to find out the details of our next meeting.

“[London Book Club is] attended by some of the most exciting people I’ve ever encountered” – @hollyjunesmith

“A triumph of red wine and debate” – @scarlettcayford

“I went to #LondonBookClub. It was ace. YOU SHOULD ALL GO.” – @adjwilson

“It’s an ace book club. Good ratio of book chat to wine.” – @hollierendall

“Didn’t even attend the #LondonBookClub that I read the Art of Fielding for, but it helped me rediscover my love for reading” @tmbrntt