March: The Carhullan Army

by Jamie Klingler


We had a good sized group for the last session for the Carhullan Army.  It was a decent discussion that descended in to the usual chaos.  Mostly it seemed that people thought that as a re-hash of The Handmaid’s Tale it was lacking in the foresight that Atwood had.  The lack of any reference to technology was odd— as was the idea that as soon as men aren’t present, lesbianism is immediately the next best thing.  There was talk of women’s colleges and unis, where plenty of women were gay pre, during and post, but that being surrounded by women isn’t an insta- lesbian cause and treating it as such was a bit lazy.

I’m leaving a ton out, and there was lots of discussion on the hierarchy of the camp and the structure— and how knowing that we only have X number of pages left effects how you read a book knowing that they need to wrap it up.  And also— as always— no book club book is complete without discussing the past books and our weird inability to choose books without rape in it.  (this isn’t meant to scare off people new to the club— it’s just ridiculous)