George RR Martin and Robin Hobb in conversation

by Jamie Klingler

Metro journo and stalwart LBCer Daniella went along to see George R R Martin, author of the spectacularly successful phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. Here’s what she thought…

This week I was lucky enough to go along to see authors George RR Martin and Robin Hobb in conversation at London’s Freemasons’ Hall, in a event hosted by HarperVoyager and Blinkbox.

While Game Of Thrones fans might have been hoping for a few more hints of what’s to come in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, the evening offered a fascinating insight into the writing process for two highly successful authors.

Martin said that ‘writing is not a career for anyone who needs or values security,’ adding that he believes being an author is ‘a career for gamblers’. He also revealed there were times when he believed his career was over, but ‘even at the times where I was afraid I was never going to sell another book, I never doubted that I would write another book’.

Given how we critique books we love (and hate) at book club each month, it was also interesting to hear George RR Martin discuss his experiences as a reader too. He admitted there were books he couldn’t put down that he felt he could have improved upon, while some works that he valued critically that he couldn’t finish.

I also loved what host Jane Johnson, the UK editor for both Martin and Hobb and a successful author in her own right, said of reading: ‘It’s a very magical process, reading. I think it’s the most personal thing you can ever do because it’s just you and that story and nobody else can interfere with it.’

All in all, a great evening and an interesting discussion.

If you want to read more about the event, I also rounded up some of the evening’s highlights for Metro here: (