A Change in the Rules

by Jamie Klingler

If you’ve been to our last two meetings, you’ll know that LBC has become a bit of a victim of its own success, and there are really now too many people to be able to host a really good meeting where the focus is the book, so change is afoot. March’s meeting will remain the same, but from April, we’re going to be implementing a different system.

To keep the focus on the book, which is what LBC was set up for, and is now getting tricky with so many people that we have trouble hearing each other, we’ll be implementing a cap on numbers.

An email will go out as usual, confirming time and date and place (this will no longer be put here on the blog or Twitter), and then places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis by emailing to the London Book Club address. We’ll be limiting things to a maximum of 20 people as this is the upper end of what we’ve found a successful meeting to be.

Both Jamie and I completely adore the fact that LBC is so popular, and that so many of you turn up so enthusiastically – it’s such a thrill to see you all every time. But to keep a focus on the books, which was the original aim of the project, we feel this is what we need to do to keep LBC the success it’s been up to now. If you don’t get a place one month and fancy creating wee splinter groups amongst yourselves to discuss the book, please do feel free!  Paul is planning a sci-fi spin off, so there’s definitely room to make things work.

If anyone has other ideas or feedback on this suggestion, PLEASE do let us know. We’re very open to hearing other ideas. This one isn’t fixed in stone, and might still change, but we both feel there needs to be a tweak made as things stand.

I hope you’ll all understand – and we really are open to suggestions, so do get in touch.