A little inspiration for a little summer reading

by Jamie Klingler

The sun has finally come out. Praise be (unless you’re like me and can’t be doing with any temperature over 25C. TOO HOT). And with it there’s been a wee spate of summer reading lists. So, just in case you’re off to a beach or a pool or a park or a back garden with some time to get stuck into a book, below is a round up of a few lists out there, for inspiration’s sake…

The Guardian‘s list is mostly new, and definitely comprehensive. I have Where’d You Go, Bernadette sitting waiting on my desk already, which I think is a good start.

GQ‘s list isn’t just for the chaps – there’s some good stuff in here, including Sisterland and What In God’s Name, which I’ve already read and loved.

New York’s arbiter of cool, Vulture, has given us this corker. I want to read everything on it, including Tampa.

Staying in the States, Slate’s list has been compiled by its staffers – there are some oldies and goodies in there as well as the new stuff, including the last word in spy thrillers, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Whilst Stylist hasn’t put together a list for the whole of the summer, their July selection is a great place to start. The Engagements is looking good already…

And if you’re into football and rock’n’roll, you’ll definitely want to check out the books that feature on Esquire‘s list.